Frequently Asked Questions

Working with you, our team of highly skilled and experienced journalists, cinematographers and editors will create a beautifully-crafted, timeless Keepsake Film for your loved ones to treasure forever.

Your Keepsake Film is not just an autobiography, or a simple linear telling of your life. Instead your film is a collection of your stories, memories, observations, thoughts, songs, jokes and everything in between that captures who you are for future generations.


We believe everyone has a story to tell. Some people may want use their film to tell the story of the time they climbed Everest. For someone else it could be stories about the street they grew up on or their favourite jokes. Every story is worth telling because it is you telling it.

The same personal, professional, caring approach is central to each and every film we create. You can choose how long you would like your film to be, either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. With our Sapling and Tree package it will include a premium presentation pack including a storage device with a copy of your Keepsake film and also a beautiful photo portrait of your loved one from the day. The presentation pack is also available for the Seed package at an additional cost. You also have the option to include family/personal photographs in the final edit of the Keepsake film and the number will depend on the package you choose, as does the included length of secure hosting.

Many of us are already filming memories each and every day. We want to help people create something professional and permanent. Our Keepsake Film engages experienced, highly skilled and professional journalists, editors and cinematographers. We draw our talent pool from national newspaper journalists and feature writers, TV news broadcasters, cinematographers and editors that have worked at the highest levels of their respective industries. We draw on their experience and skills of capturing real life stories, to sensitively delve into the past, capturing the details big and small, pulling on threads to find stories and anecdotes that others may have missed and presenting them in a high end, cinematic format.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions/queries about anything then please send us a message, use our live chat function or give us a phone call.

With our 45 and 60 minute films you will receive a premium presentation box containing a storage device complete with a 4K copy of your keepsake film that can be used on a suitable computer or TV.

We will have your film safely and securely stored in various formats both physical and cloud-based, depending on your choice of package and ongoing payment, ensuring that your Keepsake Film is safe and private for future generations.

Not at all. Memories and stories come from everywhere - from startup companies talking about their journey, to highlighting the people and social impact behind UK Charities, or the amazing achievements of sporting teams. We can create bespoke projects of any size, specification and to suit specific outcomes.


Select - Choose the package that best suits you and pick a payment method (including using our Family Pay or Klarna options when available).

Research - We’ll arrange a time to call the person being filmed and another family member and help them prepare. This will help us to understand more about the person and the kind of memories and stories they want to share. We will collect materials such as digital photos to ensure there is plenty to talk about during the recording and think about the questions that will be asked on the day.

Film - Our filming team of journalist, cinematographer, makeup artist, and producer will record your interview at your home and any additional print photos will be copied onsite on the day and not taken away.

Edit - Our editing team will craft and master your finished film.

Delivery - Your film will be available via personal login on our secure site to watch on mobile, tablet, computer or smart TV. Depending on your chosen package you’ll also receive a 4K copy on a storage device in a premium presentation box or have the option to purchase it separately.

As in life, the best things take time and in order to achieve a high end, documentary quality film, filming takes anywhere between 3 to 5 hours depending on the package selected - this includes all setup, hair and makeup, filming and packing up. The filming will be an event in itself and for many people just as rewarding as the final product.

We aim to have your film back to you within 4 weeks from the filming day.

We take a digital-first approach as a company and as such streaming of your Keepsake Film will be available via your personal, secure and private login page and available to watch anywhere with an internet connection on mobile devices, computers, tablets and streamed to certain smart TV’s.

As an offline option, additional storage devices with a 4K copy in a premium presentation box are included on the Tree and Sapling packages. At an additional cost, you can also add it to your Seed package or purchase further copies

Yes absolutely. We love having additional personal items and images, photographs to help tell the story. Our trained journalist will work with you to identify which could go into the film and our videographer will take care of everything. Nothing leaves your home - we copy it all on the day.

We think the filming works best in a familiar environment, where the setting is as much a part of the story as the words. This would usually mean the person’s or a family member’s home and we will just need a photo/video of the space to make sure we can accommodate the filming team and equipment. We understand that some people would rather not have it in someone’s home and we will always help find a solution. This could include arranging an alternative local location, however this may mean an additional cost.

Usually, a maximum of 3 team members, journalist, cinematographer and hair and makeup artist from Illuminate Stories will be on site. At times a producer may also be present.

There may be an outfit that means something to you and that could be a part of your story or clothes that others might recognise or strongly associate with you. We can advise you before the day on what outfits will work well on camera, but it’s up to you. Our hair and makeup artists are highly experienced having worked in newspapers, magazines, films and large corporate projects and are available as standard.

Ensuring the health and safety of our customers and team members remains our absolute priority at this difficult time.

We have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. Our team will follow COVID-secure working practises, including strict social distancing measures, mask wearing and rigorous handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance.

Yes we do. We will work with you if you need the journalist to speak in your native language or require translations or subtitles on the final film.

However this will need to be done on a bespoke basis so please contact us directly and we can help put together a package that works for you and your family.


You can pay online via most commonly accepted debit or credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express or direct bank transfer if necessary. You can also pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna (when available) or our own Family Pay which you can learn more about below. All this can be done through our secure payment checkout on our website.

Unfortunately we can’t accept cheques or digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

We created our Family Pay option to give you the option to easily share the payment for your Keepsake film between family members or friends. This flexible and simple option means you can divide up the purchase amount in a way that works best for you. Once everyone has made their payment, we will start working on your film.

Yes absolutely. Like many of the UK’s leading brands we’ve chosen to work with Klarna, to offer you the ability to buy your Keepsake Film now but pay later - splitting your payment into smaller, interest-free amounts over a period of up to 3 years.

For a small monthly or yearly fee, Illuminate Stories will safely store and host your Keepsake Film meaning that you can access it whenever and wherever you want whether it be in the comfort of your living room or watching it while on the bus, it will be there when you need it.