The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Images are important. They carry meaning, convey profound expressions, and often can say more than words…at least at first glance.

The choice of an organisation’s logo is, therefore, a significant undertaking. A logo isn’t just a branding tool, but rather the first step in a relationship – a crucial first impression that helps define who we are, and what we stand for.

When choosing the logo for Illuminate Stories, we wanted something that represented everything we stood for, and everything we were hoping to achieve. We wanted an image that had resonance, which was able to tell several stories itself, right from the very beginning.

So we arrived at the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is based on a Scandinavian symbol from the pantheon of Norse gods. It represents Yggdrasill, the World Tree. Often described as the Tree of Life, Yggdrasill contains all the worlds that exist and represents the cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth.

This idea resonated strongly with us. For starters, Norse culture is steeped in a tradition of oral storytelling, with sagas and epic poetry allowing stories to flow from generation to generation. The motif of a tree spoke strongly to us as well, adding several extra layers of meaning to our logo, our symbol.

For us, the Tree of Life represents a connection to family, past, present and future. At Illuminate Stories, our guiding principle is to pass things on from generation to generation, whether through stories, songs, or memories. The tree captures this and evokes a sense of legacy and family.

We like to think of a giant redwood growing over several centuries, seeing generations of families come and go, and being a constant that every generation can relate to—the physical embodiment of a family tree. We want our films to be that link between the ages, and to provide a bond for future generations despite the distance of time.

As a symbol, the tree also offers another representation that creates an even stronger connection between its meaning and our mission. Our products are all about memories – the chance to define our experiences, thoughts, and passions, and to be remembered as something more than a face in a fading picture.

The tree represents the neural network of memory. Its branches are the strong, exciting milestones in our lives; its leaves are the smaller, more intricate details; its roots are the unspoken recollections that often remain under the surface.
This combination of memories forms the character and the essence of a person. And as skilled journalists, it is our job to cultivate these mementoes, piecing them together to tell someone’s beautiful life story.

A logo has meaning and power, and carries a certain weight and resonance. We put a lot of thought into how we wanted to present ourselves to the world, and how our logo would define us. We believe it perfectly encapsulates our intentions: to create a lasting legacy and to celebrate the rich tapestry of our loved ones’ lives.